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Hello lovelies, 

It's time to share some exciting photos with you today! Last week I released my Toiletry Tote pattern so today it's time to start showing you some of the testers' pics! 

First up is AJ who chose to highlight her zips in a contrast colour, I love it!

Next is Amy of Virginia Girl Design , I realyl struggle to choose fabric combinations, but she nails it every time! 

Next up is Anke with a fabulous purple and polka dot version. Thanks for the wide open shot Anke, your bag has a lot of space!

Next up is Casey JC Mila Designs who made this gorgeous fun Toiletry tote. You can see in the 3rd pic how the optional hook strap can snap out of the way for zipping. 

Next up is Christine of Bags by Bags of Style who's gone pocket crazy and added even more pockets! I believe this tote was snapped up within minutes of being finished, and I'm not surprised!
Next up is Christine who made her tote in two different cork fabrics. I love the contrast flap and pockets!

Hilari made such a bright tote that I asked her to send it to me. Now it graces my samples shelf and features on the cover!

I couldn't resist Jana of Bubo Boutique version of the Toiletry Tote either and so she made me another,...

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